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BIW Technologies video case study

Multi-channel, multi-site contact centre

When the BIW Technologies team were looking for a way to rapidly implement a virtual multi-media contact centre across two countries, integrated with both Microsoft CRM and Microsoft Outlook, they found a technically innovative partner in mplsystems. Drawing on more than 14 years’ contact centre practitioner experience, mplsystems designed a solution which would give BIW multi-media contact centre capabilities but without the extensive investment normally associated with this type of project.

BIW Technologies

Danny Polaine, Operations Director

BIW Technologies was started about ten and a half years ago. We’re a SaaS provider, and we provide product collaboration services to mainly the construction industry.

Nilesh Varu, Help Desk Manager. BIW Technologies

We have clients internationally-based in the United States and in the Middle East. We need to ensure that we’ve got coverage support for our clients in their respective areas. With the time differences, it’s not far off from 24/7.

Danny Polaine, Operations Director, BIW Technologies

We were looking for more than just a telephone system. We were looking for something that would enable our Help Desk manager and the team leaders to monitor what our analysts are doing, who’s available, when they’re not available, so we can get the best out of them. We wanted the flexibility to integrate with back-end systems like our Microsoft CRM system. Normal PBX systems weren’t giving us that. We went out to market to see what there was, and the MPL system was the most flexible that we could find.

MPL came in and tailored their service and system around what we needed rather than the general PBX providers coming in and saying this is what we offer and this is what you’ve got to fit in with. We had a number of individual requirements when MPL came in regarding the monitoring and setting up soft phones within Outlook so that our analysts could continue to use Outlook but see the phone calls that were coming in and react to them. MPL were able to offer that kind of service to us whereas other weren’t. We’re using Skype Connect to set up local numbers in-country so that callers only have to pay a local charge for their phone call. MPL have helped us to implement Skype Connecting to our system.

Nilesh Varu, Help Desk Manager. BIW Technologies

We can also see on the same dashboard all our peers in all our contacts centres around the world, so it’s not the case where I just see the UK guys here. I can see everybody in our contact group which allows us to manage and chop and change additional resource if we need to get more people on the phone.

Danny Polaine, Operations Director, BIW Technologies

The plan would be to open up other local support areas, and by implementing this system in those areas, it will enable us to have a global help desk rather than a regional help desk, and that is our aim. We want a global help desk. It doesn’t matter where someone is sitting. It’s all the same team. We’ve put in a monitoring system which enables our help desk team leaders and managers to look at resource requirements and resource availability at any time, which has basically streamlined the whole help desk functionality and made us a much more efficient outfit.