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Contact Centre Agent Desktop

Transform the customer experience with a simplified agent desktop

intelligentDesktop has been developed to reduce complexity in the contact centre and enable the organisations to offer a seamless multi-channel experience. As businesses add new channels such as chat, mobile email or social, so complexity in customer services increases. The impact is that instead of the expected gain in customer satisfaction, agents frustrated with the myriad of legacy systems, databases and departmental data which they need to respond and customer become frustrated at the lack of rapid personalised service.

There is a better way: intelligentDesktop offers a complete unified solution.

Unified Agent Desktop

iDesktop enables non-technical end users to quickly build process-centric ‘mashups’ delivered as a single agent desktop using a simple drag and drop environment. This allows all required user interface elements to be placed on onto a ‘page’ and includes integration with platform services, external Web Services and back office databases. This removes reliance on systems integrators or the IT department for file based deployment onto internal web servers.

Build your own unified agent desktop

Our next gen intelligentDesktop technology enables businesses to create and customise their own “smart” agent desktop quickly, using a simple drag and drop, fully configurable “no coding” model. Desktop Editor has been introduced to help organisations simplify, build and modify their own desktops with a simple drag and drop visual user interface builder. As well as unifying underlying systems and applications, simplifying complex CRM processes, you can create agent desktops which present interactions from multiple channels – chat, email, calls, social interactions.

Key Business Benefits:

• Improve lead conversion by 30 – 40%
• Increase agents efficiency by over 25%
• 18% improvement in response rates
• Eliminating repeat calls

Key Customer Benefits:

• Improve and simplify experience
• Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by 42%
• More channels without adding complexity

Organisations that are already taking advantage of mplsystems’ intelligentDesktops within their customer contact operations include businesses such as Babcock International, Balfour Beatty, Fitness First and Ford Retail.

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